19 Passengers

Beechcraft 1900

The Beechcraft 1900 is a 19 passenger, pressurized twin-engine turboprop fixed-wing aircraft that was manufactured by Beechcraft. It was designed and is primarily used, as a regional airliner. It is also used as a freight aircraft and corporate transport, and by several governmental and military organisations.

The aircraft was designed to carry passengers in all weather conditions from airports with relatively short runways. It is capable of flying in excess of 600 miles (970 km), although few operators use its full-fuel range. In terms of the number of aircraft built and its continued use by many passenger airlines and other users, it is one of the most popular 19 passenger airliners in history.

9 Passengers

Beechcraft Super King Air

The Beechcraft Super King Air is a twin engine turbo prop corporate travel and utility aircraft, if it’s premium comfort you’re after then look no further than our King Air. The King Air’s square oval interior provides you with generous head and shoulder room and is unmatched by conventional cabin cross sections. One of our faster aircraft with a speed greater than 500km/hr, this aircraft will get you to your destination in no time at all.


6 Passengers

Turbo Commander 690

The Turbo Commander is a turbine version of the highly popular Twin Commander aircraft. With upgraded engines this pressurised aircraft can fly above the weather, cruise at high speeds and take-off and land at almost any airstrip. The high-wing configuration and large rear windows make it an excellent passenger experience for sight-seeing, or a capable aerial spotting platform.

Ideal for smaller groups and emergency freight charter, this capable aircraft can be anywhere in Australia in a matter of hours.

8 Passengers

Piper Chieftain PA31

Designed and built by Piper Aircraft the Piper PA-31 Chieftain is a comfortable high speed twin engine piston aircraft with the capacity to carry up to 9 passengers.

The PA-31 was targeted at small-scale cargo and feeder liner operations and the corporate market. The aircraft continues to be a popular choice and is ideal aircraft for reaching regional locations and isolated airstrips.